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The effect of ageing on the face leads to loss of skin elasticity and support for the facial structures. In the upper face, this can cause the brow to droop, and the frown lines of the forehead to become more prominent. This can sometimes also exaggerate the hooding of the upper eyelids. When this happens, a browlift is often a more appropriate and effective way of reducing forehead lines and wrinkles, and elevating the eyebrows to correct hooding of the eyelids.

There are three main browlift techniques, although the more modern endoscopic ("keyhole") technique avoids large scars on the scalp. The endoscopic browlift procedure is quick and recovery is rapid although some temporary numbness of the forehead and scalp and itching is normal.

Whether you are suitable for a browlift and if so which technique would be most appropriate will depend on a thorough analysis of your forehead, brows and face during your consultation.

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