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Some people naturally have small thin lips. However ageing effects can make the lips lose volume and facial expression, sun exposure and smoking contribute to the development of vertical lines around the lips. Recently, fuller lips have become the epitomy of feminine beauty. In most people, the lower lip is a little larger than the upper lip and the current trend is to have the upper lip match the lower lip in size.

Lip enhancement is about increasing the amount of vermilion (pink part) show. This creates a fuller appearance. It is the vermilion that is responsible for our perception of lip size. A variety of approaches exist for achieving this goal. Which procedure is right for you is a matter of how thin your lips are, what degree of enhancement you wish to achieve and your attitude to the advantages and disadvantages of each technique.

All of the procedures for lip enhancement can be carried out individually under local anaesthetic, although often they are combined with other cosmetic facial or body procedures which are performed under general anesthesia.

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