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Many of us have lumps or bumps on or underneath our skin. Not all lumps require removal or treatment and you may have had one that has not changed at all for many years, but anything that has, requires assessment to exclude the possibility that it may be cancerous. The following signs or symptoms together or on their own generally indicate that lump removal may be necessary:

Is it getting bigger?
Has it changed in shape or colour?
Does it bleed?
Does it seem quite deep beneath the skin or even in the muscle?
Does it hurt or cause pain when touched?
Is it a new lump or collection of skin lumps?

There are many different types and causes of benign lumps and bumps such as cysts, fatty lumps, ganglions and warts. These are generally removed when they are causing symptoms and treatment will usually be covered by the medical insurance companies. Skin tags, simple moles and skin blemishes are less likely to be covered by medical insurance, but you may wish to have them removed for cosmetic reasons.

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